The first great wildbeeste herds have reached the southern plains of the Serengeti and are starting to get ready for the calving in weeks. It is at this time of year that the Serengeti becomes the finest place in Africa to view the cats with calving season in sight. January is also a popular time to visit Rwanda due to the warm, sunny weather and largely dry days, making it pleasant gorilla-trekking conditions.


Kenya and Tanzania do not experience the heavy rains in February. Both countries are excellent for game viewing.The Great Migration’s calving season is in full swing in Tanzania and all the cats are at their most active as they hunt among the large herds. In Kenya it is usually hot and dry which give an excellent opportunity for both wildlife viewing and bird watching. Many water sources in Kenya dry up and so animals congregate around watering holes making game viewing much easier than the wetter months. Gorilla trekking is also perfect in month of February in Rwanda.


Even though the heavy rains are on the horizon, game viewing in Northern Tanzania is good this time of year.


In April, East Africa is in the midst of its long rains, making the weather very unpredictable which can make searching for larger game a challenge, but it is fantastic for birding.


Long rains, making the weather very unpredictable and searching for larger game becomes a challenge, but it is fantastic for birding.


Masai Mara and Serengeti National Park is a huge attraction at this time of year. The Great Migration is heading into the western corridor.


July is the dry season and one the best time of year to be in East Africa for game viewing.This is an incredible month and rewarding as all the parks in every country are in their peak season. Virtually everywhere offers very high quality safari, and choosing where to travel for the best game starts to become rather difficult! Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is perfect at this time of the year too.



August is the heart of the dry season in East Africa. Travelling anywhere is outstanding. The Great Migration starts to move from the northern parts of the Serengeti into Kenya becoming a genuine contender for the finest safari experience on the continent. Tarangire National Park is the centre of the region’s elephant migration too . Katavi, Ruaha and Selous in southern Tanzania are the focal point of the region’s game and fabulous options for a less commercial safari than the northern parks. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is perfect this time of the year as the days are clear.



Basically, August and September is widely regarded as one of the two best months to travel to Africa.The quieter northern part of Kenya are also absolutely superb for game viewing at this time of year.


October sees the first signs of the end of the safari season. The first rains start to hit certain regions later in the month, but guest still enjoy good game viewing in the East Africa.Tanzania’s main parks are still in their peak seasons. Katavi and Ruaha, where the lack of visitors and high volume of game makes it a fabulous and authentic safari destination. In the north of the country, Tarangire elephants are all over while the Serengeti sees an increase of migratoty animals in river crossings as the herds start their journey south.
Kenya is also at the end of its dry season and offers superb game viewing as well as excellent value with many camps dropping rates as visitor numbers start to decline.


November tends to be a tricky time of year to travel to East Africa. This month can be one of the very best.Low number of visitors, majority of safari lodges and the best camps dropping their price to encourage business offers a fantastic opportunity . One must remember though that light rain is to be expected during this period,but that really is no reason not to travel in East Africa for good deals.


December is a great month for safari in Kenya and works extremely well for Christmas or New Year breaks, although you must book these key dates a long way in advance to get the best camps and Safari lodges.Maasai Mara, Laikipia, and Lewa in Kenya, Lake Manyara,Serengeti and Ngorongoro in Tanzania are simply superb.