African Wilderness Safaris is a small family ran safari company that specializes in tailor made holidays to East Africa. Our focus is to help you choose the style of safari that suits you. Every itinerary can be altered to fit your interests. Each safari is unique and will immerse you in East African wildlife, astonishing landscape and tribal culture that few tourists see or experience.

Whether you are looking for 5 star luxury safari, a honeymoon safari, mountain treks, a basic walking safari, a family holiday or an enticing combination of safari and beach, our specialist advice will help you plan the perfect holiday to meet your needs, interests and budget.

Like no other continent in the world, Africa offers breathtaking scenery, unparalleled wildlife, and rich cultures. For travelers with an adventurous spirit, there is no better place for your next vacation.

Traveling to Kenya and Tanzania is a unique experience and an opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. East Africa is one of the unique places remaining for safari game viewing which allows people to see a wide range of animals and birds. Traveling on safari allows people to experience the wonders of animals migrating, their behavior, and their Eco-system. The unspoiled wilderness and wildlife of East Africa are a beautiful setting for a safari. It is where humans and wild animals have lived together naturally for thousands of years.

East Africa is an optimal place to travel year around. However, when planning your safari here are some weather facts to take into consideration. There are two rainy seasons in East Africa. The short rains are from October to November and the long rains are considered to be from March to May. A good time to visit East Africa is from December through February, which is the warmest time of the year. Another time to travel to East Africa is from June to September when the weather is little bit cooler.

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